About Swamiji

== Paripoornananda Swami ==
An introduction to
Pujyasri Swami Paripoornananda,
Swami Paripoornananda is a renowned saint, scholar and visionary born In 1972.  His early schooling was followed by study of Sanskrit and basics of Vedic literature at Gurukulam.
Inspired by his mother, he got initiated into Sanyas Ashrama at the  world renowned Guru Pujyasri Swami Dayananda Saraswati’s  Ashram, Rishikesh.
Under the able guidance of his Guru,  Swami Paripoornananda Saraswati imbibed knowledge of Vedanta and Hindu literature, and later chose Telugu soil for restoration of erstwhile glory of the Hindu Dharma. Swamiji established ‘Sree Peetam‘ in a serene ambience at Kakinada in the beginning of this millennium as a hub of spiritual, social and service activities.
In no time, he endeared lakhs of people of all sections with his scintillating, convincing and thought-provoking discourses in almost all districts.
His discourses made him as one of the most sought after Gurus as they are known for inspiring  messages with direction to youth on purpose and values of life, guidance to women to make their role more meaningful in family and society,  and motivation to senior citizens on leading peaceful and spiritual life.
Driven by his innate vision, Swamiji embarked upon a 3G-mission, Gurukulam-Gokulam-Gopuram,  making vigorous campaign for the uplift of orphan children, protection of cows and cow-based farming, and restoration of temples in dilapidated conditions respectively. Construction of this mission is at different stages.
Swamiji’s activities include ….
Installation of Reverse Osmosis water plants in agency areas for supplying protected water to tribals
Construction of Hindu temples, in association with Hindu Dharma Parirakshana Trust and SSF (an NGO),  in neglected villages/hamlets
Promotion of Bhajan Gurus to encourage satsang in villages/hamlets in the form of dancing and singing keertans in groups
Distribution of blankets to tribals suffering from sever winter in agency areas
Relentless efforts for protection or reconstruction of temples in dilapidated condition (Bhagyalaxmi temple in Hyderabad, Vakulamata in Tirupati and so on)
Establishment of ‘Sandhya Gurukulas’ (free tuitions in evenings) to inculcate samskara to school going children in association with SSF
Publication of ‘Sreepeetam’ monthly journal to spread spiritual knowledge
Launch of a mass movement on Vijayadasami day (September 30, 2017) in the form of Hindu Sarvajana Sanghatan to prmote a sense of oneness among all Hindus so that Hindu Dharma could be protected from onslaught of Christianity and Islam.
Today, Swamiji is a force to reckon with in protecting Bhaarateeya Dharma and eternal  culture of Bhaarat among Telugus, which is also evident from promotion of a news TV channel, Bhaarat Today, in 2015.